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With a properly executed will, we believe you can be satisfied in knowing your interests are protected, and your wishes and intentions will be correctly drafted with a minimum of expense and delay for your family and beneficiaries.

Help us bring you peace of mind - contact NW Calgary Law to help you with your will and estate planning.

quotesI have used Peter for a few real estate transactions and a will preparation.

The service was stellar. Highly recommended."


How can preparing a will bring you
comfort, satisfaction and relief?

will1We understand it’s uncomfortable to face the idea of preparing a will or to make decisions about your estate. That’s why we take extra care in helping you and your family with this very important step in managing your affairs.

While there are useful do-it-yourself options, the many intricacies of the law are generally not accounted for, and we think your family is too important to entrust their future to a $30 kit that may be challenged or even declared invalid. Or worse, if you choose not to make a will, and your affairs are left to the courts to be dealt with.

At NW Calgary Law, we’re here to help you prepare a properly executed and witnessed will. Initially, the process involves discussing the importance of appointing an appropriate personal representative who will competently oversee and represent your estate. The exercise also ensures all useful administrative clauses are included, and the interests of minor children are safeguarded with properly drafted trusts as well as the appointment of suitable guardian(s).

As your personal circumstances change, for example: your marital status changes, a family member passes away, children or grandchildren enter the picture, or you have a change in your financial situation, etc., it is a simple matter to amend your documents with us.

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