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With a properly executed will, we believe you can be satisfied in knowing your interests are protected, and your wishes and intentions will be correctly drafted with a minimum of expense and delay for your family and beneficiaries.

Help us bring you peace of mind - contact NW Calgary Law to help you with your will and estate planning.

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The service was stellar. Highly recommended."


What is the process of probate or administration?

will2Probate is the process where the court recognizes the authority of an executor in a will to deal with the assets of the estate. Administration is the application required when there is no will. A grant in either case assures certain third parties such as financial institutions of the validity of your will or appointment, and it also facilitates the distribution of estate assets.

Such assets may include certain bank accounts, investments or real property. Whether a grant will be required or not depends on the nature of the deceased’s assets. For example, a bank will often require a grant when an account balance is over a certain amount. A grant will always be required if the deceased was the only person registered as owner on a Land Title.

The process for an application for grant of probate or administration is quite similar. The requisite number of forms are prepared for the court and then served on all interested parties. After service, the application is filed and the court takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks to process and issue the grant.

The team at NW Calgary Law has successfully made many applications, and we are well acquainted with all court forms and procedures.

We offer free consultations to potential executors and administrators to discuss the intricacies of an application, and we provide you with clarification whether a grant is beneficial or necessary in your particular case. We don’t charge a percentage of the estate as fees; however, a retainer is required after we estimate the complexity of the application. The retainer is based on Peter’s hourly rate as we feel a time-based fee is the fairest way to reflect the value of service provided.

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