Privatization of the Land Titles Office

The Provincial Government has been reviewing over 800 programs and services in an effort to see which programs should be left alone, improved, discontinued or combined with other programs. Included is the possibility of privatizing our Land Titles Office (LTO), as Manitoba and Ontario have done. The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA) defeated a…
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3 Tips on Selecting a Closing Date

Article 4.1 of the standard AREA Purchase Contract permits the parties to the contract to select a “Completion Day”. You may ask: why is this important to me? At NW Calgary Law, we’ve come to recognize the ebb and flow of real estate transactions, and the inevitable repercussions of selecting certain days as your Completion…
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What happens to your estate if there is no will?

Clients sometimes tell me that they assume if they die without a will, that their assets will go to the government. I don’t know where they get this information – perhaps they have heard of something like this happening in other jurisdictions. In Alberta, the distribution of an Intestate (no will) Estate is governed by…
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2 Tips on Managing Completion Day Disputes

It is not uncommon for there to be disputes about the condition of a property on Completion Day. It sometimes happens that there has been damage to the property since the offer was made, an appliance is missing or not working, or a hidden problem is discovered. These disputes are easier to resolve if potential…
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